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-Helping your child find the confidence to thrive in school and life 

-Provide assessments and professional consulting to meet your child's educational needs 


  • Assessments include:
    Cognitive, academic, social-emotional, and academic testing, classroom and testing observations, record review, interviews, and individualized recommendations and interventions for each student to achieve success

  • Provide psychoeducational assessments for students to identify any learning disabilities (reading, writing and math), attentional disorders, executive functioning disorders, memory deficits, processing disabilities, etc.

  • Assessment results are used to determine eligibility for school-based accommodations for elementary school, middle school, high school, college and graduate school programs

    • ISEE​

    • SAT

    • ACT

    • LSAT

    • GMAT

  • Consultation and support provided to students parents and teachers, including students with established accommodations in their academic setting (IEPs, 504s, etc.)


  • Advise and prepare students  for the college application process

  • Support students with Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans

  • Advise families pursuing accommodations for non-standardized and standardized testing


Areas of support:

ADHD and executive functioning

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Anxiety and Worry

Behavioral support


Sleep hygiene and support

Social Skills

Time Management

For questions about rates, please contact me so we can discuss your specific needs. 

Services: Services
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