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There are simply no words to express what Marissa's help meant to our family. 

Marissa is a real treasure and we feel very lucky to have her as an incredible resource.  She helped our daughter get back to being happy, comfortable, confident and thriving...All our love and appreciation!!


Thank you so so much Marissa. You’ve been so attentive, helpful and caring. We received so much more from you than most professionals in the field. It’s obvious that you care and we’re grateful to have found you!


You are so personal and that makes such a big impact for families.  Appreciate you and your work very much.


We adore you and are so grateful for your kindness and generosity of time and spirit.  You went way above and beyond and gave my daughter a feeling of buoyancy with your incredible personality, positivity and warmth.  Thank you again for everything!!!


My husband and I want to thank you for helping our son immensely during this exciting period of his life.  You have made such an incredible impact.  It is so wonderful to see his enthusiasm for college. It has been really exciting to hear him talk about his interests in college, career with enthusiasm. We owe this all to you.


Marissa was fabulous as our son’s college counselor! She carefully assessed our individual situation and then provided streamlined, easy to use information. She was always patient, positive and supportive, but also held our son accountable to weekly tasks and milestones. We appreciated that she expected him to function independently while also offering specific, constructive feedback on his progress and written work. She was knowledgeable, up to date, and asked the right kinds of questions to help us find the schools that would be a genuine fit for our son. Marissa’s calm, smart, confident style truly eased the feelings of overwhelm we were beginning to experience about the college application process. She helped turn what could have been a daunting task into a manageable, exciting challenge that we were eager to master. We highly recommend Marissa for your college counseling needs.


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